Experience Color

Color is meant not just to be seen, but experienced.

Color has characteristics beyond their mere appearance. An individual color possesses its own luscious texture, mixing quality, emotional resonance and historical significance in painting. When you squeeze oil color from one of our tubes, you experience color at its maximum.

 Get insights on our oil colors, pigment history, color mixing, artists’ color stories and more. We welcome you to Experience Color

Approach to Colormaking

Our mission is to lead oil painting and printmaking into the future. To us this means crafting materials as they ought to be, not just as they have been.

Authentic color. Naturally.

The nature of oil painting.

Getting the White Right

Being the best-known white does not make Titanium White the right choice for every artist. Select the right white for your work.

Color Temperature Experience Color Menu

Why Temperature Matters

Learn the benefits of mastering the use of color temperature contrast as a means for creating the illusion of reality.

Reclaimed Earth Colors

A man walked into Gamblin with a dream: to restore life to the most polluted rivers in America. And in so doing, create pigments for painters. We loved his idea.

Painting with Radiant Colors

What are “those bright colors” and how do you use them?

Meet the Metallics

Silver, Pale Gold, Rich Gold, and Copper: There’s no doubt these beauties are a bright and shimmery family. But where did they come from and how are they useful?

Cool White, Warm White

White that replicates the temperature of your light will create a consistent quality of light and color harmony throughout your painting.

Ultramarine Blue

It’s the most used color after white. Here’s why Robert Gamblin loves it so much and why many of us can’t paint without it.

The best black for my painting?

When it comes to choosing a black for your palette, it’s not always black and white. Here’s the rundown on our six to help you find your perfect match.

Portland Greys

In color mixing, our greys yield predictable, yet very satisfying color mixtures for all genres of painting.

Exploring Color Palettes

These palettes can be used “as is”, or to provide a starting point for the development of custom palettes tailored to specific needs.

The New Black: Chromatic Black

Traditional black pigments can easily make color mixtures “dirty.” Chromatic Black is different; it contains no black pigment.

Venetian Red

Evolving Earth: The History of Iron Oxides and Modern Earth Colors

The world’s oldest group of colored material have been used by artists for over 40,000 years.

Mineral and Modern Pigments, What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between mineral and modern colors is how these two groups of pigments behave differently in color mixing.

Navigating Color Space

How to turn color theory into color mixing.

Venetian Red

Color Temperature & Value

Hue, value, chroma, hue temp, and color family for all Gamblin’s Artist Grade colors.

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