Gamblin Ground and Gesso Blade

The right tool for the job.™

Gamblin Ground and Gesso Blades

Get the job done right in a fraction of the time with less mess and no waste.

If you prime canvases and panels with gesso or Oil Ground, you know how time-consuming it is to get a thin, even coat. You also know what a pain it is to clean brushes afterward. And how wasteful single-use paint rollers are.

With the Gamblin Ground and Gesso Blade, you get a perfect, even application from edge-to-edge in a fraction of the time, with less mess and no waste. Best of all, it is the first and only artist’s tool made from 100% recycled material. Wipe clean after use and reuse your Ground and Gesso Blade over and over.

What are the Blades made of?

100% recycled material

Un-dyed re-grind is melted and re-molded instead of wasted.

What you’ll love

  • Crisp, flexible, tapered edge. Ideal for a smooth finish!
  • Designed to allow you to move, mix, and scoop product without getting your fingers in the mess
  • Durable and infinitely reusable
  • Compact and slim compared to rollers and brushes
  • Wipes clean with Gamsol, soap and water, or safflower oil

    Made in the Pacific Northwest

    As part of our Brand Promise and commitment to supporting local businesses and being mindful of the carbon footprint involved in the transportation of materials, we partnered with a small, family-owned manufacturer.  

    recycled plastic regrind in melting pan
    Gamblin Ground and Gesso Blade made from recycled material molded

    But wait, there’s more!

    So much more than a spatula

    While the Ground and Gesso Blade is named after its primary job, this tool has earned its place in the studio for other applications.

    Alternative uses

    • Applying panel sealer
    • Sizing canvas and linen with Gamblin PVA Size
    • Creating washes of color to tone a canvas or panel
    • Mark-making
    • Screen printing
    • Creating texture or smooth, encaustic-like surfaces using Cold Wax Medium and oil colors
    Gamblin Ground and Gesso blade magenta paint mixing

    How to care for your Blade


    Clean your Blade with Gamsol, soap and water, a cleaning wipe, or Safflower Oil. 


    Avoid extreme heat. Keep edge smooth by not allowing product to dry on the blade. 


    Wiping artist spatula Gamblin Ground and Gesso Blade


    Small Blade dimensions: approximately 4″ wide x 2.75″

    Large Blade dimensions: approximately 5″ wide x 3″

    Gamblin artist tools on apron

    Available in-store and online through leading art supply stores. If your favorite art supply store doesn’t have them, please visit our Factory Store



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