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Gamblin red oil paint on mill

Here’s what’s new:

2020 Pricing

We are proud to continue sharing and adhering to our beliefs in giving artists more and asking for less. Over the last ten years, our price increases have averaged 1% or less. For 2020,  we’ve rounded out most of our list prices, which translates an average increase of 0.25%. Our 2020 pricing will apply to all orders placed on or after January 1, 2020.

Holiday Closures

At Gamblin, we have a lot to be thankful for. We also work very hard. For Thanksgiving and Christmas week, we intend to play hard. As a 27 person craft manufacturer we need each other, and so there’s a limit to how many people can take the same day off. Our President, Pete, wants us to get home to see our friends and family and so he’s giving us all additional paid days off and closing Gamblin for the holidays. We do this at times that mean the most to our people and that hopefully have the least impact on our partners.

For Thanksgiving we are closed November 23 — December 1

During this time, no orders will ship out. Orders placed by the end of day November 8 will ship on or before Friday, November 22. We’ll do our best to ship orders placed between November 12 and November 18 before Thanksgiving week. The earlier you can place your order, the better.

Orders received during Thanksgiving week will be promptly entered the following week and will ship within 6-8 days of being entered. 

For Christmas and New Years we are closed December 21 — January 1

We encourage you to place orders to stock you through the holidays as early as possible. December 11 is the last day to place an order to ship on/before December 20. We will do our best to ship orders sent in after this date before our holiday closure. Questions regarding orders may be directed to Cassie or Lauren at orders@gamblincolors.com


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, Connect with us or email retailersupport@gamblincolors.com. Thanks for stopping by! And please send all orders to orders@gamblincolors.com

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