Gamblin Relief Inks

Gamblin Relief Inks are formulated for all relief techniques, including woodblock, linocut, monotype, and Solarplate. They contain the right amount of stiffness and tack to hold fine detail yet spread evenly on the block or plate. The palette of ten colors is designed to give artists intense pure pigmented colors straight from the jar, along with a wide range of color mixing capabilities.Relief Inks Gamblin Phthalo Blue

Monotype printmaking, the most painterly of printmaking techniques, is very popular. While most painters and printmakers working in this process learn how to make any kind of ink work, the viscosity of Gamblin Relief Inks makes them ideal for monotype printing processes.

Gamblin Relief Inks are all bound in the highest quality Burnt Plate Oil.

MONOTYPE The Painterly Print

BLACK INK Matching Your Ink to Your Technique

  • Hansa-Yellow-Light-Ink
    Relief Ink Hansa Yellow Light
  • Sepia-Ink
    Relief Ink Sepia
  • Napthol-Scarlet-Ink
    Relief Ink Napthol Scarlet
  • Quinacridone-Red-Ink
    Relief Ink Quinacridone Red
  • Phthalo-Blue-Ink
    Relief Ink Phthalo Blue
  • Prussian-Blue-Ink
    Relief Ink Prussian Blue
  • Phthalo-Green-Ink
    Relief Ink Phthalo Green
  • Black-Ink
    Relief Ink Portland Intense Black
  • White-Ink
    Relief Ink Titanium White
  • Transparent-Base-Ink
    Relief Ink Transparent Base
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