Lithography Ink

Gamblin Lithography Ink, Portland Black Printmaking InkPortland Litho Black is an artist-grade lithography color. Embracing how we make all our products at Gamblin, this ink is focused on high-quality oil and a high pigment load. Its body greatly differs from process black inks because we know printing by hand is slow and gentle and demands a real, rich black.

We strive for simplicity in formulating our materials and finding the perfect balance between the appropriate pigments and carefully-chosen oils.  As a result, our ink will feel differently than commercial inks out of the can. Portland Litho Black has been used in editions on both plate and stone, and we are excited to include it among our growing oil-based ink collection.

Portland Litho Black is available in the following size: 1lb can

Pigment: Ivory Black PBk7, Carbon Black PBk9




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