Color Temperature and Value List

ColorHueValueChromaHue TempColor Family
Alizarin Crimson10 RP26CoolRed
Alizarin Permanent10 RP26CoolRed
Asphaltum5 YR1.52WarmBrown
Black Spinel1Black
Brown Pink10 R24WarmBrown
Burnt Sienna10 R34WarmBrown
Burnt Umber5 YR22WarmBrown
Cadmium Chartreuse10Y814CoolYellow
Cadmium Green5 GY712WarmGreen
Cadmium Lemon10 Y8.510CoolYellow
Cadmium Orange5 YR716WarmOrange
Cadmium Orange Deep10 R614WarmOrange
Cadmium Red Deep5 R412WarmRed
Cadmium Red Light7.5 R516WarmRed
Cadmium Red Medium5 R514WarmRed
Cadmium Yellow Deep10 YR814WarmYellow
Cadmium Yellow Light7.5 Y8.510CoolYellow
Cadmium Yellow Medium2.5 Y814WarmYellow
Naples Orange5YR7.56WarmOrange
Cerulean Blue5 PB412CoolBlue
Cerulean Blue Hue5 PB412CoolBlue
Chromatic Black1Black
Chromium Oxide Green2.5 G44WarmGreen
Cobalt Blue6.25 PB312WarmBlue
Cobalt Green2.5 BG36CoolGreen
Cobalt Teal10 BG510CoolBlue
Cobalt Violet7.5 P310WarmViolet
Cool White10BG91CoolWhite
Dioxazine Purple2.5 P210CoolViolet
Emerald Green2.5 G512WarmGreen
Flake White Replacement10White
Gold Ochre10 YR612WarmYellow
Green Gold10Y46WarmGreen
Hansa Yellow Deep8.75 YR814WarmYellow
Hansa Yellow Light7.5 Y8.512CoolYellow
Hansa Yellow Medium3.75 Y8.514WarmYellow
Indanthrone Blue5 PB24WarmBlue
India Red5 R36WarmBrown
India Yellow5 YR512WarmYellow
Ivory Black1Black
Manganese Blue Hue7.5 B410CoolBlue
Manganese Violet10 P26WarmViolet
Mars Black1Black
Naples Yellow2.5 Y8.58WarmYellow
Napthol Red5 R416WarmRed
Napthol Scarlet7.5 R416WarmRed
Nickel Titanate Yellow7.5Y8.58CoolYellow
Olive Green10 Y34WarmGreen
Payne's Grey1CoolGrey
Permanent Green Light10 GY612WarmGreen
Permanent Orange2.5 YR616WarmOrange
Perylene Red5 R314WarmRed
Phthalo Blue5 PB210WarmBlue
Phthalo Emerald (Y.S.)7.5 G26WarmGreen
Phthalo Green5 BG26CoolGreen
Phthalo Turquoise10 BG24CoolBlue
Portland Cool Grey2.5PB6.52CoolBlue
Portland Grey Deep4Grey
Portland Grey Light8Grey
Portland Grey Medium6Grey
Portland Warm Grey5R7.52WarmRed
Prussian Blue2.5 PB24CoolBlue
Quinacridone Magenta5 RP310CoolRed
Quinacridone Red7.5 RP3.512CoolRed
Quinacridone Violet2.5 RP28CoolViolet
Radiant Blue5 PB710WarmBlue
Radiant Green5 G710WarmGreen
Radiant Lemon10 Y910CoolYellow
Radiant Magenta5 RP710CoolRed
Radiant Red5 R710WarmRed
Radiant Turquoise2.5 B78CoolBlue
Radiant Violet2.5 P78CoolViolet
Radiant White10White
Radiant Yellow2.5 Y8.514WarmYellow
Raw Sienna5 YR56WarmBrown
Raw Umber10 YR22CoolBrown
Sap Green5 GY22WarmGreen
Terre Verte10 Y42WarmGreen
Titanium Buff2.5Y83WarmYellow
Titanium White10White
Titanium-Zinc White10White
Transparent Earth Orange5 YR24WarmBrown
Transparent Earth Red10 R24WarmBrown
Transparent Earth Yellow10 YR34CoolBrown
Transparent Orange8.75 R414WarmOrange
Ultramarine Blue7.5 PB210WarmBlue
Ultramarine Violet5 P28CoolViolet
Van Dyke Brown1WarmBlack
Venetian Red8.75 R48WarmBrown
Viridian7.5 BG24CoolGreen
Warm White2.5Y92WarmWhite
Yellow Ochre10 YR510WarmYellow
Zinc White10White

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