Gamblin Studio Knives

The right tool for the job.™

Gamblin Studio Knives, painting palette knives for oil

Finally, painting knives you can’t keep your hands off.

Sustainably crafted and thoughtfully designed to spark joy, express your artistic intention, and support a lifetime of painting.

When we paint, we work with our heads, hearts, and hands. Everything comes together and comes out through our brushes and knives. Our work matters. Our process matters. And our tools matter. We believe every artist deserves to have the right tool for the job.


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Gamblin Palette Knife for painting

The Robert

This knife is Robert Gamblin’s favorite. The Japanese-inspired blade boasts the longest edge of all our knives. Ideal for cutting sharp lines and dropping crisp marks. Stiffer with more bounce than our other knives.

Blade dimensions: 3.125″ long x 0.625″ wide

Overall length (including handle): 9.625″

Color dip: Cadmium Red Light, Pantone Warm Red

MSRP: $15 

Gamblin Studio Knife Transparent Earth Yellow Dip tool for artists

The Hoyt

The Hoyt’s angled blade offers new and different mark-making possibilities. Ideal for making bold, thick marks without dragging your knuckles through your painting.  

Blade dimensions: 2.75″ long x 0.875″ wide

Overall length (including handle): 9.25″

Color dip: Transparent Earth Yellow

MSRP: $15


Gamblin Studio Knife Naples Orange Dip tool for artists

The Division Place

We didn’t re-design this blade shape and size: it has served artists for centuries and earned a place on our palettes. An excellent all-purpose choice and must-have for every studio.

Surface dimensions: 2.5″ long x 0.75″ wide

Overall length (including handle): 9.125″

Color dip: Naples Orange

MSRP: $15



Gamblin Studio Knife Olive Green Dip tool for artists

The Ladd

The small face means the flex is firm and easy to control. Ideal for artists that work small or rely on a knife for detailed mark-making.

Blade dimensions: 1.5″ long x 0.5″ wide

Overall length (including handle): 8″

Color dip: Olive Green

MSRP: $14


Gamblin Studio Knife Blue Dip tool for artists

The Taylor

Our longest knife. The Taylor is for working big and creating large color mixtures. Ideal for blocking in large areas and smoothing the texture or edges of your painting.

Blade dimensions: 3.5″ long x 0.875″ wide

Overall length (including handle): 10.125″

Color dip: Gamblin Blue, Pantone 7698

MSRP: $15


Gamblin Studio Knife Portland Warm Grey Dip tool for artists

The Raymond

This proven shape cuts crisp, tight edges and cleanly moves paint around a palette. Ideal size for most painters. Large enough for mixing and mark-making. Short and stiff enough for total control and fine detail.  

Blade dimensions: 2.375″ x 0.9375″ wide

Overall length (including handle): 9″

Color dip: Portland Warm Grey

MSRP: $14


What are the blades made of?


One-piece, non-reflective carbon steel means no more blades that break-off or coatings that flake off.

What you’ll love

  • Even tension and flexibility for oils, acrylic, and gouache
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Matte-satin glare-free finish
  • 1.5mm thick steel gradually tapers to achieve crisp edges and desired flex
  • Magnetic
  • Wipes clean with Gamsol, soap and water, or safflower oil





Gamblin Studio Knife manufacturing flex steel plate
Gamblin Studio Knife manufacturing blade shape

What are the handles made of?


Part of our Brand Promise is to be kind to the planet we share. For us, plastic or unsustainably grown wood weren’t options. Our handles are thoughtfully designed to fit your hand and crafted from sustainably grown birch.

What you’ll love

  • Handcrafted from FSC Certified wood
  • Ergonomic shape fits your hand, making the knife an extension of you

Hand-dipped handles

As a colorhouse with an eye for color, we find it easiest to identify an object based on the color and thought you might too! With one color dip from each hue family, they’re easy to differentiate. 

These colors aren’t just pretty, the paint is REACH certified and compliant with the CPSIA regulated by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Gamblin Studio Knives handle
Gamblin Studio Knives handle shape
Gamblin Studio Knife white-dipped handles

How to care for your Studio Knives


Clean your knives with Gamsol, soap and water, a cleaning wipe, or Safflower Oil.


Avoid bending the blade, letting paint dry on the blade, and soaking the handle in water, solvent, or any liquid.


The flat bottom design was no accident. These knives want to be displayed! We encourage you to stand them up or hang them from a magnetic strip. The wide, flat base give you the option to stand your knives. The shaved backside reduces wobble and helps your knife stay put. 

What’s with the names?

In the 40+ years since our founding, our colorhouse has moved five times. Along the way, it has created colors and materials that are safer and more permanent.

As a tribute to our journey as a colorhouse, each Studio Knife is named after a street in Portland that Gamblin called home. Well, almost every knife. The Robert is a nod to our Founder, Robert Gamblin.

Gamblin palette knives, studio knives on colorful towel

What artists are saying

Balanced tension and spring. Flexible enough to mix paint but strong enough to hold their own against the canvas. Easy to apply an additional layer of paint above a wet layer of paint without disrupting the below layer.

Abbey Holden

Oil Painter

A knife is a good alternative to the brush and, in many ways, it’s a more versatile tool. You can draw the finest of lines with it, or you can trowel on a big load of paint… The Gamblin Studio Knives are well-balanced and easy to manipulate.

Michael Chesley Johnson

Oil Painter

The one thing that really makes Gamblin palette knives stand out is the longer handle. I use a long-handled brush in my work and the long-handled palette knives felt like more of an extension of the flowing brush movement. So with the thin blade, it felt so much lighter to create the movement I wanted in my artwork.

Erika Lee Sears

Oil Painter

Available online and at leading art supply stores.


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