Authentic color. Naturally.

There is nothing more natural and enduring than oil painting. No other painting media holds the same raw power of communication, pigment load and artistic possibility. When an artist squeezes oil color from one of our tubes, they experience color at its maximum.

From a field to your palette.
We craft our paints from raw pigments and vegetable oil. The linseed oil we use comes from a field, not an oil refinery.

For over 600 years, the flax plant has given artists the oil we paint with and the canvas we paint on. Pressed flax seeds give us the linseed oil we bind our paints with. The stalk is separated and woven into the canvases painters have used for centuries.

Your painting. Your colors.
Making a painting is one of the most intricate things we do. We work with our head, heart, hands and intuition. And it all comes out, brushstroke by brushstroke.

When you approach your canvas, your oils stand ready to live up to all you put into your work. They are poised to express your thoughts, intentions and marks with an intensity, fidelity and range of possibilities that far surpasses acrylics.

When moving your brush or knife through oils the first time, you feel the difference. You know it. The intensity and depth of color. The texture. The luscious feel as it moves. And we know the simple, natural materials in oil colors endure for centuries.

Oil painting has endured, evolved and grown for centuries. Now is the best time to be an oil painter. We have more luscious and permanent colors. We have contemporary painting mediums that speed drying and broaden artistic possibilities, solvent-free painting mediums to create the safest studio environments and the raw materials to create traditional painting mediums.

Please refer to the Studio Safety page for information on how to create without compromise in a safe studio.



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