Upcoming Events 

February 18, 2017         10 am   Brooklyn NY                                        

Lecture and Demo at Talas

Talas and Robert and Catherine Gamblin will host a morning with Gamblin Conservation Colors. (GCC)  We will explore the Laropal A-81 based colors and Pigmented Wax Resin   (PWR) for fills.

There will be a slide lecture on history of  GCC and the parent company Gamblin Artists Colors and a discussion of the palette of Gamblin that explains all the intended uses of many specific colors.

PWR was developed at Buffalo State Univ. by James Hamm and Christine McIntyre.  There will be a demo of the PWR and an opportunity of all participants to get hands on experience with the material.


Past Newsletters

Gamblin Conservation Newsletter Number Five: Fall 2011 – New Articles, New Size, New Stores
The biggest thrill of being your color maker is when we have the rare opportunity to visit conservation studios and see a significant painting getting some of our color as part of its restoration.

Gamblin Conservation Newsletter Number Four: Summer 2009 – New Colors
Over the last several years we have had requests to add colors to the palette. Here they are, including Dragon’s Blood.

Gamblin Conservation Newsletter Number Three: Winter 2008 Special Offer
A decade ago when I started making my Conservation Colors I relied on museum conservators to recommend them to others. Now, thanks to those recommendations, conservators in a few hundred museums around the world regularly use them.

Gamblin Conservation Colors Newsletter Number Two: Thoughts on Permanent Reds. Fall 2007
Artists and conservators have always been aware that some colors fade. Throughout art history, painters usually take advantage of alternative more lightfast colorants as they became available. However, one less than lightfast pigment continues its hold on the 21st century artistic imagination…

Gamblin Conservation Colors Newsletter – First Issue. Spring 2007
Robert Gamblin has been making artists’ colors since 1980. Over a decade ago, he started personally making a new kind of paint in a revolutionary binder developed by a team of conservation scientists and conservators at the National Gallery of Art in Washington and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles…

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