Choose the characteristics you desire in a medium from one or more of the drop down menus below. Click “Select” to display the formula(s) we recommended for your intended effect.

Gloss Level
Drying Time

Gloss level: the amount of light refractive from the surface.

Drying time: the time required for a layer of oil paints to dry sufficiently.

Viscosity: the relative resistance of a fluid to stirring or movement.

Cohesion: the “tack” or intermolecular attraction that unites a medium/mixture into a paint film.


Quick Tips

  • When adding Cold Wax to a fluid medium, thin it first with Gamsol. On a separate palette, add a small amount of Gamsol into some Cold Wax and blend thoroughly with a palette knife until you achieve a very soft paste, nearly slurry consistency. This is your matting agent. Add the desired amount of Cold Wax slurry into a premeasured amount of fluid painting medium. Mix/shake thoroughly until you can hold the jar up to the light and it looks uniformly cloudy (no wax bits floating about).
  • For Underpainting and Oiling Out, we recommend a 1:1 mixture of Galkyd and Gamsol, OR a 2:1 mixture of Galkyd Lite and Gamsol.
  • Our three recommended glazing mediums: Galkyd Lite (low viscosity), Galkyd (high viscosity) and Neo Megilp (gel). A glaze layer should contain at least 10% oil color. Fluid mediums work best for Underpainting and Oiling Out.
  • Oil painting mediums should not be used as a varnish or final coat. Picture varnishes should be colorless and removable.
  • Gamsol can be used to thin Gamblin Solvent-Free Mediums to lower their oil (“fat”) content for Underpainting.


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