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The new blue color in oil paint: YInMn Blue

New blue oil paint

August 2016

Making oil paint and paintings with the new blue pigment: YInMn Blue

The Oil Baron
Words by Aaron Mesh, Smith Journal
Photography by Carlie Armstrong

In this beautifully written and intimate article, Robert Gamblin opens up on his process of making paint and the importance of looking ahead while staying true to the past.

Painting the Town Napthol Red
By Rebecca Gross
In this article, Robert Gamblin and product manager Scott Gellatly discuss the science behind Gamblin’s oil colors.

Professional Artist Magazine
Artists as Inventors: Interview with Robert Gamblin
By Kim Hall
In this interview, Robert Gamblin talks about how he started as a painter as well as a paint-maker.

Conservator Restored
By Daniel Grant, Wall Street Journal
Gamblin Artists Colors was proud to be mentioned in the Wall Street Journal by painter and art conservator Mark Leonard. Leonard strongly stands by Gamblin, calling our paints and materials “the most stable materials”.

Van Gogh and Gamblin | Bedroom Secrets Revealed
By Axel Rüger
Gamblin Artists Colors has been proud to support the restoration of one of Van Gogh’s most popular paintings: The Bedroom. The painting, recently restored with Gamblin materials, is featured in a show at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Art Supplies Going Green
By Daniel Grant, American Artist magazine
Gamblin Artists Colors is committed to offering sustainable materials, helpful tips for practicing safety in the studio, and lowering our carbon footprint whenever possible.

Getting the Balance Right: Five Guidelines for Sustainable Practice
By Carl Alviani and Nels Gabbert
Gamblin Artists was proud to be recognized by the Design Management Institute for its leadership and groundbreaking approach to the idea of sustainability.

Gamblin Torrit Grey
By Kraig Scattarella, The Oregonian
Robert Gamblin, founder of Portland’s Gamblin Artist Colors, firmly believes that waste pigments shouldn’t end up in our water or landfills. So each February, they take the cardboard drums of pigment powder trapped by the factory’s Torit Donaldson air cleaner and add it to buckets of waste paint to make a special batch of paint called Torrit Grey.

Art Calendar Magazine
Q&A with Gamblin Artists Colors Co. The Importance of Sustainable Practices, Health and Safety in Art…


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